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Whether you are tithing, giving to missions, contributing to a ministry or giving a one-time gift to the church, we have made it easier than ever. Click the "PayPal" button below to donate by credit card or PayPal. 


At the church, you can place donations in our tithe and offering box located in the rear of the sanctuary near the welcome center or use the Debit/Credit Card machine in the Welcome Center. 

How to Donate

Click the Heart Button above to donate using PayPal or a Credit/Debit Card.

We believe everyone has a calling within the church. If you feel led to help in a particular ministry, please contact Pastor Tim Sheldon at 850-863-1323


If you are not sure of what your calling is, in our out of the church, please call Pastor Tim at 850-863-1323


Call the church to make an appointment to visit with our pastor to discuss where you believe God is calling you within our church body. We have many ministry vacancies and Pastor Tim would love to discuss your gifts and talents with you.

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