What Are Care Groups?

C ommitment



E   vangelism

Taking our example from Acts 2:42, Covenant Community Church has incorporated "Care Groups" since the beginning of our fellowship in 1976. These "in-home" small groups provide aid in spiritual development through prayer, sharing, and building strong personal relationships with other committed Christians.

What Happens at Care Group Meetings?

It is a time of informal worship, fellowship and interaction. Along with singing and sharing, the leader may teach  a short Bible lesson or lead a discussion on a variety of topics. The Elders and Care Group L eaders who oversee these meetings are dedicated to serving the group and meeting individual needs. Often, Care Groups include a time of prayer as well as a  time of fellowship with light refreshments provided.

Who Attends These Meetings? 

 Each group i s made up of married couples, singles, and teenagers. While most are members or regular attendees of Covenant Community Church, these meetings provide wonderful opportunities to invite neighbors, relatives, or interested friends.

Should I get involved in a Care Group?

In Acts 20:20, many years after the birth of the early church, we find Paul continuing to "teach publicly and from house to house." This example reveals the importance Paul the Apostle placed on this type of personalized ministry. We feel the importance is just as valid to

day. People need to know that someone cares!
Many practical needs such as providing meals, sharing work projects, organizing wedding and baby showers are all met through Care Group participation. We encourage you to become active in the Care Group nearest you


Ben & Marilyn Bilby

Meet @ 908 Rue de Palm
Sundays@ 6:30 p.m.


Cy and Adelaide Harris

Phone: 613-6744
Meet at CCC in Fellowship Hall 

2nd & 4th Sunday @ 5:00pm p.m.

Bob & Mary Strock

Phone: 864-1908
Meet at 648 County Club Ave.
First and Third Monday @ 7:00 p.m.




Jeff and Ceci Hanes

(Co-lead with Tom and Louise Coulter
Phone: 850-420-5343
Meet at Cinderella Lane
 Saturdays once a month @5:30pm